Geisler Realty has been great for me! They have always been on the ball and able to do what is needed to keep properties rented, in top condition and tenants happy. Everyone in the office has been responsive, friendly and helpful. I give them my highest recommendation!
Christian Shriver
   New Orleans, LA
Geisler Realty has been managing properties for us for over 5 years now. As an out of town investor with multiple properties we have found the staff to be great at handling everything from renovations , repairs and renting the properties. We highly recommend them!!
John Randall
  York, PA
Dan is the most reliable, hard-working, prompt and accommodating realtor I have ever met. He is very proactive and just a pleasure to work with. I have been extremely impressed with Dan's work ethic and flexibility. He is focused on customer satisfaction and I have never had to follow up or wait for results. Dan's commitment and willingness to go out of his way for the client are astounding.
-Empiria Homes
 Green Cove, FL
I am an international investor and I find Dan Geisler and his company are excellent. They manage my properties in an efficient and competent manner. Dan and his team take the worry out of owning property. I would recommend Geisler Realty to anyone investing, buying or selling property.
-Thomas Thornton

I highly recommend Geisler Realty to all people that own rental property , or folks looking to rent or buy. Geisler 's staff truly cares about all their clients and will go the extra mile to meet all of their needs.
Gary Ford
  Youngstown, OH
It is great to work with Geisler Realty. They are very honest and helpful in their dealing. We recieve timely rent payments, communication and management is great. Never missed to respond to our queries. We are planning another group investment from India.
-Sant Parkash Verma
I have found Dan Geisler to be an excellent property manager. I live in Australia and Dan is very easy to work with from here. He always answers my emails quickly, sends rent and statements on time, and handles repairs for me. I have found it easy to own rental property in the USA because with Dan everything runs smoothly.
-Jean Follington
Dan did a superb job helping me find a home! I wanted to look at houses all over the county and he was happy to set-up appointments in a timely fashion and meet me to look at them. As a first time home buyer, it was helpful to have someone with experience, knowledge and *patience* to share with me regarding what to expect in the purchasing and searching process. Dan is very realistic and shared with me all knowledge he had on properties and did his best to find all extra information I wanted. He is also very flexible and worked around my schedule to meet and discuss and close the deal. I would definitely recommend Dan to anyone looking to purchase a new property or home.
- Jessica S
  Columbiana, OH

I highly recommend Geisler Realty to all people that own rental property , or folks looking to rent or buy. Geisler 's staff truly cares about all their clients and will go the extra mile to meet all of their needs.
Dan has worked for us on multiple real estate transactions; he is very diligent, assiduous, and always there when we need him. He goes the extra mile every time, and we have been continuously impressed with his service. Dan will be our Realtor for a long time, and we highly recommend to him to anyone seeking an agent.
-Justin D
 Youngstown, OH
My experience with Dan Geisler and Geisler Realty has been exceptional! As an out of state investor I rely on Dan to be my eyes and ears on the ground. He ensures I'm getting the right property at the right price, while fitting in line with my investment strategy. He is very knowledgeable about the area, the real estate market, as well as the rental market. I wholly trust him and his team to manage my properties with diligence and integrity. When I am able to be make the trip to Ohio, Dan goes out of his way to make time to educate me on the area, the various neighborhoods, and any potential expansions/changes the could directly affect my investments long term. Geisler Realty is definitely a one stop shop for all of my real estate needs. I would recommend them to anyone looking to move to or invest in the Mahoning/Trumbull County area.
-Gabrielle L
  Modesto, CA